PUSH’s Inaugural E-Learning Programme

Becoming Superhuman

In our very first e-learning programme, PUSH’s highly trained team of performance coaches and psychotherapists have come together to identify and share the six core behaviours that will help us reach and stay at peak performance.


This completely unique course beautifully blends e-learning with human interaction to create a programme that can be consumed anytime, anyplace and anywhere but, crucially, still provide the opportunity to work 1-2-1 with a performance coach to maximise impact and output.


The skills shared in these sessions are the foundation of helping us all develop our psychological insight and human resilience. They can be used by everyone, from junior team members to senior leaders alike, to help upskill them in best behaviours and practices and help them live and work radically better.


Crucially, these practices will help your people better manage themselves as well as others – truly helping them turn being human into a super-power!

The 6 Modules To Get You There

PUSH e-learning modules

Key Elements

Video Tutorials

Each module is delivered via 4-5 bite sized videos with engaging exercises integrated throughout

Hot Seat Coaching

Course participants will be invited to sign up for Hot Seat coaching sessions. Participants are able to workshop any issues or scenarios with a Coach in real time


Participants are provided with a downloadable worksheet to be used to guide and cement their learning during the tutorials


A live webinar will be held each week to answer any questions and to further the learning in a tutorial style setting

But it doesn’t stop there!

At PUSH we are experts in managing and marketing programmes to ensure maximum engagement. 

We will host the programme, deliver pre and post digital surveys to benchmark progress as well as helping you launch the course internally. 

Additionally, each participant will receive weekly newsletters; short-form follow-up content 6-wks after each module, in order to embed learnings and achieve greater learning outcomes.

Finally, we will provide you with continuous feedback as well as weekly engagement data to provide robust ROI data measured against tangible business metrics.

Programmes start from £2k and can be delivered to any number of people in your organisation, covering any and all territories or office locations.

We loved both coaches! They had a really engaging, friendly manner of speaking, were open to talking through any questions and answering all of them in detail.

Working with the Coaches

This session is applicable for conversations in both business and personal life with concise frameworks that are easily understood.

Tackling the Elephant in the Room

I learnt how to manage my boundaries better - and manage other people within them! The session was led by case studies which made it really easy to follow and understand.

Developing Healthy Boundaries

The EQ module really helped me understand myself better as well as my reactions to certain triggers. It’s helped me stay calmer ever since.

Becoming an EQ Master

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