2020 has blown our minds.

Quite literally.

So, for World Mental Health Day in 2020 PUSH wants to pull off their most ambitious event to date that will support thousands of people’s mental health.

We will interview 20 people across 2 days of live streams on 9th and 10th October.

The interviewees will share their mental health journeys and the tools they use to manage their minds on both the good and bad days—to be the person that they are today.

We want to help inspire people to reach their own potential—as well as giving them practical tips to be able to achieve just that—from people they know, love and can relate to.

Finally, we’re a small company but we’ve got a really big heart. This is a charity event and for every person that signs up we will donate a £1 to Mind. We want to get at least 1,000 sign-ups – and ideally even more.

So, please sign up, share with everyone you know and help us make a real difference to thousands of people this WMHD!


JOIN US LIVE / OCT 9-10th from 10am-6pm

2 Days of Stories

Friday October 9th

10am: Cate Murden & Helen Tupper

11am: Sebastien Foucan

12pm: Hayley Mulenda

1pm: Matthew Knight

2pm: Natasha Devon

3pm: Matthew Shaw

4pm: Peter Hall

5pm: Alex Lewis

Saturday, October 10th

10am: Cheryl Telfer

11am: Paul Mort

12pm: Chevy Rough

1pm: Brandon Block

2pm: Ben Williams

3pm: Cate Sevilla

4pm: Rauri Fairbairns

5pm: Charlie Craggs

Don’t Miss Their Inspiring


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More Details

Where are the talks?

All of the talks will be live streaming on PUSH’s Facebook & Youtube Channels!

Will the talks be recorded?

The week after the event you can find all the talks on our Instagram TV or Youtube channels.

How can I support Mind?

For every attendee we will be giving £1 to Mind, as this is a free event we ask if you would like to help support as well to donate here.

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