A GLOBAL video advertising pioneer experiencing a period of intense growth called on PUSH to help make sure their employees were on board for the demands of increased responsibility and workloads.


Teads TV is a global media platform, uniting and empowering the best publishers across the world. They were the first to invent out-stream video advertising, and are the number one advertising marketplace in the world.

In summer 2018, the Teads team enlisted PUSH’s services to support them through a period of strong growth.

The aim was to demonstrate to employees that the company genuinely cared about them, and ultimately prepare them for higher pressure and workload demands. For Teads, success looked like a healthy, happy team whose wellbeing was supported by the company. 

The Teads programme was designed to focus on the wellbeing of the team consistently across the year. PUSH ran weekly energy sessions in the shape of HIIT and yoga, held on the company’s beautiful rooftop, to invigorate and build resilience. They also ran fortnightly coaching surgeries where employees worked one-on-one with a Personal Development coach to uncover any potential blocks that might be standing in the way of their success. 

PUSH also brought in inspiring practical workshops for the team, including an immersive storytelling session and a workshop focused on productivity, to stimulate and engage the team. 

The programme was a resounding success, with the initial quarter extending into continued weekly yoga and coaching sessions through today. The programme has also featured new workshops to explore different topics, including a session for working parents’ wellbeing.

Staff gave the programme overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 100% of the people who interacted with the programme saying that they enjoyed the session and felt it was worth their time.

When participants were asked if they felt confident that they could use the information in their everyday life, the average score was 4.5 out of 5, with 5 representing ‘Strongly Agree’ and 1 representing ‘Strongly Disagree’. 

“As a growing business Teads has been looking at ways to invest in our people. Investing in the PUSH programmes, allowed us to focus not just in development from a career point of view but from a personal one as well. We believe a much more holistic solution will allow us to deliver a better result. we’re seeing it in the growth year on year, and also we’re seeing it in the retention rates of our employees. It’s been a fantastic year for us!” Justin Taylor – Managing Director 

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