A PROGRESSIVE female inclusivity network at a major web merger benefitted from an internal bespoke coaching programme devised by PUSH.

Oath UK: Rise Up Women’s Coaching

Oath UK, formed from the merger of Yahoo and AOL, created the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) to enrich the culture of its company by supporting and developing a diverse workforce. The WIN specifically works around empowering women to be their authentic selves and to learn to drive their career in the way they want to.

PUSH were asked by WIN to create a unique coaching programme open to all women at Oath UK- up to 250 people in total. The task was to develop a programme that complimented the unique group of women working at Oath, empowering and supporting them to flourish both on a professional and personal level. 

WIN: Rise Up Women’s Coaching Programme was a tailored initiative that created a space for the women employees at Oath to develop within a variety of areas. 

PUSH believes that employees should be fully supported in a holistic sense before results can be manifested professionally. By looking at the areas of life that could be causing stress or affecting resilience,  and nurturing those areas, it becomes possible to fully flourish and excel.

Going above and beyond the more traditional areas of personal development and executive coaching, this programme covered a variety of areas that could be important to a woman, including executive coaching, personal development, nutrition, mindfulness and women’s health.

The intention for the coaching programme was that it covered a wide variety of topic areas. Every Oath UK employee identifying as a woman was offered two free coaching sessions with a PUSH expert of their choice. The aim was to bring them up to their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Each woman met with the PUSH coach for 30 minutes, explaining the goal she wanted to achieve from the session, personal or professional.

The coach then helped develop a strategy to meet this goal, giving them tools and methods to put in place to help her achieve that goal. 

After a period of 3-5 weeks, the employee met her coach again to see what progress had been made and what tweaks might be needed in order to keep working towards objectives. There was a follow-up meeting one month later to discuss progress and next steps.

Some 200 women across the organization enrolled in the Rise Up Coaching Programme. This initiative gained incredible feedback, with 100% of the women who interacted with the programme saying that it positively impacted how they felt about Oath as an organization. 

When participants were asked if they felt confident that they could use the information in their everyday life, the average score was 4.65 out of 5, with 5 representing ‘Strongly Agree’ and 1 representing ‘Strongly Disagree’. One employee said that the hour of coaching had been the best hour of L&D she’d received throughout her entire career.

“I cannot recommend the PUSH team high enough. We’ve been working with them for a while and they are a passionate, dynamic, innovative bunch of people that really understand and dive into the work culture. We always have a lot of fun on the way, as well as deliver great results.” Anita Caras - International Research Director - Oath UK
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