A GLOBAL finance company keen to create teams that are healthy, happy and always perform at their best called in PUSH to provide a comprehensive review of staff development.

LaSalle Investment Management has locations in Europe, North America and Asia, with the UK team housing 175 people within their London office. The company understand the difference between a team that functions and a team that consistently shines, and wanted to instil this ethos across its workforce.

In order to do this, PUSH needed to first understand what was happening at LaSalle. The PUSH audit was an exploratory piece of work into LaSalle’s team and culture, used to get a snapshot of the overall team through a digital survey and in person focus group interviews. This would help in identifying how people were feeling, understanding what was working and getting insights into potential areas of improvement.

The Live Well LaSalle Wellbeing Programme

The themes that came out of the audit were able to inform on new processes and behaviours in order to help LaSalle future-proof and genuinely thrive as a team. The team commented that they loved working at LaSalle and that it had a positive culture, however the audit also revealed 6 areas of challenge that ran across the organisation:

  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Desk Culture
  • Mental health
  • Collaboration
  • Work life balance

Using these themes to build the framework for the programme, PUSH created the Live Well LaSalle Wellbeing Programme. This was in collaboration with LaSalle’s ‘Wellbeing Champions’ who had been recruited from across the business to act as ambassadors for the programme, championing it and helping to promote events and sessions internally, while helping to shape the programme based on internal feedback. These champions also took part in the focus group interviews to dig deeper into the themes coming out of the digital survey.

72% of respondents felt that it had positively impacted them as an individual, 60% felt it had positively impacted their team, and 72% felt it had positively impacted the overall company culture.

This Live Well LaSalle multidisciplinary programme launched with back-to-back inspirational talks showcasing why wellbeing matters and how to use stress as an advantage, building excitement for the programme and upcoming sessions while educating the team on the importance of the content.

Since June 2018, the Live Well LaSalle programme has run weekly exercise classes and quarterly massage and nutrition sessions, as well as personal and professional development workshops and creativity sessions. To date, 150 different people have interacted with the Live Well programme out of the 175 in the overall team – an 85% engagement rate. 

In order to gauge the impact of the programme, PUSH sent out a company-wide digital survey in January 2019. The survey showed the team felt the programme was having a noticeable impact on both themselves, their teams, and the culture at LaSalle. 72% of respondents felt that it had positively impacted them as an individual, 60% felt it had positively impacted their team, and 72% felt it had positively impacted the overall company culture. 

The follow up survey highlighted the improvement in work life balance, with 60% saying they have been able to create a healthier balance over the previous year. They also felt that the company had done a good job of challenging the stigma around mental health, creating a culture that allows space to talk about these issues instead of pretending they don’t exist.

The Live Well LaSalle programme has been ongoing since 2018, continuing to change and grow depending on the needs of the team. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the entire programme was brought online to continue to support the team while working from home. During the lockdown period the exercise session numbers increased by 50% compared to the previous period.

“I think the impact from the programme that we’ve seen has been really good, with great engagement from everyone in the business. PUSH has really organised some excellent quality speakers and events, so we’ve seen very strong engagement and take up in the programmes. All the feedback that I’ve seen and others have told me has also been extremely positive. Word of mouth spreads and more people are getting into it, so a really positive outcome in terms of appreciating what we put in place so far.”- Alan Tripp - Head of UK - LaSalle Investment Management
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