Could Brexit Actually Be a Time of Huge Opportunity for Your Team and Business?


Like every other business in the UK, the spectre of next March 29th and the uncertainty the decision (or lack thereof) is creating, looms heavy on our minds here at PUSH. We’ve been giving it a lot of thought…


It’s this uncertainty, in the economy and in the world of work, that’s got the PUSH team thinking. On the one hand it means that important decisions are get postponed, investment is delayed and a big ‘pause button’ is pressed in so many different areas. Indeed, in many cases, investment in crucial fields like skills development and equipment, is actually under consideration of being totally cut out.


However, what if, instead of looking at cuts, business were thinking that now might actually be the time to be investing in people, processes and equipment; to be thinking about ways to boost productivity and improve the resilience of our businesses and our economy?


Now is the time to think about creating innovative, inspiring cultures that create genuinely different outcomes – places of work where people can feel psychologically safe and are energized, engaged and motivated enough to think differently and produce their very best work.


So, what do we do? Well, whilst there is no one-size-fits-all, as a start point we wanted to share five super-simple Brexit-proof tips from PUSH and, of course, we’d love to talk to you about how we could help tailor a more bespoke programme to support your team in the run-up to and beyond March 29th:


Redefining Purpose and Principles

Now, more than ever, it is time to be really clear with your team on your ‘why’. Why are they working at your organisation rather than anywhere else? What does it mean to work at your organisation – what are your company values and how do they align with each of them personally? What is expected of the team and, moreover, what commitment are you making to them – in particular throughout these more challenging times?


Communication is King

I heard a wonderful quote the other day, that ‘gossip is the most powerful form of corporate communication’ and it’s true. Infact, in times of instability, the opportunity for gossip only accelerates. So, at times like this, it is more important than ever that the company’s internal communication comes from the top and is consistent.


Make it regular and make it transparent and make it authentic. Most of all, ensure that it is two-way. If more junior members of staff want to speak to leadership about their concerns, provide them with an access point so you can quickly answer their worries and provide honest answers and support.


Work Out What You Need to Get to Peak Performance

Use this opportunity to conduct a detailed audit of your workforce, map out current and future skills gaps, and invest in training, development and wellness.


The PUSH Audit is an incredibly efficient and effective process to gauge this information. This exploratory piece of work to uncover how people are feeling about the environment they are working, the changes they are facing and all the many areas of their day to day that are or aren’t being affected by it.


We would love to work with you to use this time to find out exactly what your team needs to ensure you can upskill and retain your competitive edge.


Reward Thinking Differently

We so often hear that companies want their teams to be entrepreneurial but then provide no specific means for rewarding it. Now is the time to be innovative; to create new more effective and efficient ways of working and to wow clients to get them to spend more or differently.


So, how will you entice your teams to do exactly that? Remunerate based on innovation – and see how your company landscape immediately changes.


Deal with Individual Concerns Before They Become Company-Wide Issues

When PUSH support our clients throughout periods of change, we always over-invest in 1-2-1 coaching for individuals. It is important to create confidential, non-judgmental spaces for people to talk about their worries. Firstly, because, if someone is stressed or anxious, they simply cannot perform as well as normal as they are in ‘stress-mode’. So, we need to help provide them with the tools to quickly get back into peak-performance. Secondly, it is vital that issues are nipped in the bud quickly before they become team or even company-wide problem.


PUSH has been doing a huge amount of work on evolving its positioning over the last 12 months – to develop into a business consultancy grounded in human behaviour. We answer business problems with people-focused solutions, one of which is, of course, supporting teams through change. Indeed, we have proven results that working with PUSH has increased profitability.


We’d love to talk to you about how we could help tailor a more bespoke programme to support your team in the run-up to and beyond March 29th.


Download an illustrated PDF version of this blog to share with your team here:

:PUSH-5 Super-Simple Brexit-Proof Tips