How can NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Help A Company Thrive?

What is the difference between a company that succeeds in the same market as another who fails?

NLP is an attitude and a methodology, not the trail of techniques it leaves behind. - Richard Bandler

Is it the amount of capital they began with? Not always. There are many startups that have successfully grown from a couple of people with a great idea to multi-million pound businesses. The founders of the toy company Mattel were picture frame makers who began to make toys from their home using left over materials. Soon the toys were making more money than the frames, and so the company was born. Conversely, cash-rich drinks giant Coca-Cola made a huge blunder in the mid-’80’s when they launched the ‘New Coke’. It lasted a mere 78 days and is reported to have lost them $30 million!

Perhaps it is the people? Then again a big brain doesn’t necessarily equate to a huge income. The average salary for a research scientist with a PhD can be significantly less than that of a London underground train driver who left school at 16.

Maybe its a gap in the market or the need for a product? That doesn’t explain though why VHS triumphed over the now obsolete Betamax. Both offered the consumer the ability to watch films and record in their own home but one was distinctly more successful than the other.

It would seem that it is quite possible to succeed or fail, whatever the starting point. As any business person knows though, the secret to success is down to far more than just luck. It is in the way we operate, plan and perform. The way we communicate, both internally and externally. How we view or create opportunities. The way that those who work with us think and behave.

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A fantastic set of tools for positively impacting on these crucial elements is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. First created in California in the 1970’s by Bandler and Grinder as a technique for self-improvement, it has since been adopted by many organisations from Fortune 500 companies to Major league baseball teams to improve performance and get results.

Part of its success is due to the speed with which it works. Its techniques are based on a number of well researched behavioural and social psychology disciplines. Due to this many of the concepts are already quite familiar – but once we learn how to apply them it can transform the way we work.

If you are wondering whether NLP might be of benefit to you, here are a number of areas that it can be used in a business to promote positive change;

How we think

The outlook that a company has from an organisational level right down to each individual within it can have a huge impact on a company’s performance. NLP encourages us to actively use a positive mindset to work towards our aim. It helps to get rid of limiting beliefs that hold us back and re-frame things so that we see the opportunities within a situation. In every problem lies a raft of potential solutions.

How we behave

Having grand plans or change programmes will have a limited impact if we don’t change the way we behave. NLP techniques allow us to notice the way we are behaving and identify if it is helping us get where we need to be. It is fantastic for encouraging us to break out of old patterns and work in a way that is often easier and will bring greater rewards.

The Right Plan

NLP uses strategies to get us where we want to be. It takes into account whether the strategies we have been using have been driving toward the desired outcome and helps us modify our strategy to one that will help us achieve it.


NLP allows for changes that need to be made. It requires us to regularly calibrate our behaviour and its effects with our goals, ensuring we stay nimble and adapt to changing conditions.


Just as with any business model, looking at what is already working, in reality, can help us shape our plans and get us where we want. Taking on the behaviours of others that are already succeeding and, indeed, noticing how we have operated successfully in the past will help us get what we want in the future.

Outcome Focussed

NLP always starts by identifying where we want to get to and ensuring that the objective we have will actually deliver the benefits we want. If each individual’s personal outcome is aligned with that of the business, things start to function at a much higher level.

Quick Results

The beauty of NLP is that the beneficial effects can begin to be seen very quickly. Once the need for change has been identified and accepted, providing that change is of value, progress begins almost immediately.


NLP is a really engaging way to help your business get where it wants to be, whatever your starting point. It has great personal benefits for leaders and employees, as well as benefitting a company as a whole.


PUSH Coach Rachel Coffey is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, trained in hypnosis and timeline techniques. Rachel specialises in Personal Change, Voice Coaching, Corporate & Business Coaching and Dialect Coaching. She also has a raft of business experience to draw upon when creating highly tailored sessions for corporate clients. If you’d like to know how NLP could impact your teams performance, please get in touch.